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How To Get A Job At A Clothing Store With No Experience

If you wish to get a job in a top clothing store and you’re wondering if you would get accepted without having any experience, worry no more as we would be guiding you on how to get a job at a clothing store with no experience, all you have to do is follow all the instructions we would outline and you would be surprised how fast you would get accepted on your next application.

Clothing Stores That pay High

  1. Bloomingdale’s, Sales Associate, $12.36 an hour
  1. Nordstrom, Sales Associate, $11.89 an hour
  1. Neiman Marcus, Sales Associate, $11.60 an hour
  1. Talbots, Sales Associate, $11.18 an hour
  1. Dillard’s, Sales Associate, $10.57 an hour
  1. H&M Sales Associate, $10.46 an hour
  1. Saks Fifth Avenue, Sales Associate, $10.26 an hour
  1. Sephora, Cashier, $9.68 an hour
  1. Zara, Sales Associate, $9.66 an hour
  1. Belk, Sales Associate, $9.49 an hour

How To Get A Job At A Clothing Store With No Experience

There are many ways to get a job at a clothing store without experience but this article would focus on two easy and simple ways.

1. Register With A Job finding Agency

The first way of getting a clothing job with no experience is to register with a jobfinding platform, locate the type of job you are interested in and fill in all necessary details, most importantly indicate that you don’t have any experience for the job.

The agency would do all the sourcing for you and present you with jobs close to your location that match your interests.

If you decide to go through this process, it is advisable you register with FlexJobs as they are trusted and are relatively cheap.

You can save up to 30% off while landing any dream job of your choice.

Another advantage of using flexjobs is you don’t need to worry much if you don’t have a drafted C.V, they would draft one for you using the details you provided when registering.

2. Use Traditional Job Finding Methods

Another way of securing a job at a clothing store with no experience is by using traditional job finding methods, these methods might be outdated but trust me, they might still help you while looking for a job with no experience.

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Guide To Get A Job At A Clothing Store Using Traditional Means

  • List down all the clothing stores close to your location, where you wish to work.
  • Dress decently and visit each of the stores.
  • Ask if there is a manager on duty you can speak with. 
  • Introduce yourself with a firm handshake followed by your name.
  • Inform the manager that you live close and looking for your first job.
  • Relate to the manager that you are willing to learn and do a good job, if you are accepted.

 If you don’t get the job on the spot and asked to fill out an application, Fill out your name, address, and other information and in the job experience section Write “ It was nice meeting you today [His Name], Looking forward to an opportunity to start working” with you.

Stop by in 2–4 days and ask for that manager again, ask about the status of your application and thank them for their time after their response. 

Keep in mind looking for a job is a numbers game. You might get 30 places that don’t call you back, but it only takes 1 to get a job. 

There is absolutely no magic in getting a job in a clothing store, this isn’t a high-skill environment where you have to posses certain skills or educational qualification before been considered for a job.

You just have to be friendly, confident and outgoing, nobody would employ an unfriendly, shy or timid person. If you got to fake it for a few minutes do so. Remember Fake it until you make it.

FAQs On How To Get A Job At A Clothing Store

Do You Need Experience To Work In A Boutique?

Employers prefer applicants who already have experience in a retail environment, but this is not necessary for most positions if you have the proper skills and you are determined to work.

Do You Need References For A Retail Job?

Yes, most employers consider it as an important criteria, some retail owners might also skip this. It all depends on the size of the organization.

Employment reference checks, job verification, background check are all important part of recruitment.

How Many References Do You Need For A Retail Job?

Retail job seekers are usually advised to have three to four references, while those seeking more senior positions should consider listing five to seven references.


These are the basic steps to get a job at a clothing store with no experience, remember searching for a job is all about numbers, so make sure you visit as many clothing stores in your vicinity and wait for the lucky store to call you.


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