How To Create A .edu Email Account For Free In 2023



I’ll be showing you today how to create a .edu email account for free; .edu email is a specific email address meant for student of a particular college. Edu email address are restricted to only educational institutions such as universities, colleges and schools for there students.

Edu emails are the email used by colleges and university administrations to notify their students. These emails are used as official means of communication between the college student, staff, and administration.

A typical format of a .edu email is For Instance–


.edu email are also used by these students to apply for discounts and offers specially made for students studying in specific schools. Most US-based institutes or Universities provide free .edu email to there students once they are admitted. But many students do not have aceess to this email especially if you are outside the United States.

However you can also generate a .edu email account for free even when you’re yet to be admitted into your school of choice.

 In this piece, we will guide you through a full working, tested, and trusted private method of creating a .edu email for free. And also reasons why you need a .edu email.

Why Create A .edu Email?

As a student a .edu email is the perfect extension to have, several companies that offers discounts and free services to students do so to only students with a .edu email. 

Below are some offers and services provided to .edu emails.


1. Amazon Prime

Amazon is unarguably the biggest online shopping store in the world, you can buy almost everything thinkable on Amazon.

Amazon prime is a special account for students where various discounts are dished out regularly for students buying college stuff like textbooks and dorm items, this special discount is made available for students with .edu email accounts.

Amazon gives 6 months of trial prime account to students who can get several benefits out of it like receiving 2 days of confirmed delivery on products without any shipping costs.

Unique college deals are given along with no additional delivery charges (this applies together with the prior free shipping offer).

You can also save up to 90% on textbooks and also get 6 months of free Amazon Prime Video trial.

2. Google G Suite for education

Google G Suite Education account is a unique account for students where you are privileged to have 5 TB of storage when you sign up.

You can store your images, ebooks, videos and many other things using this special google account. This is one of the best benefits of having a .edu email account.

Students can access this unique feature using their .edu email account provided by their schools and also a free .edu email.


3. Microsoft Office and Azure

Microsoft gives a broad variety of software for free and large discounts with Edu email addresses on various products for Students and Teachers. You can effortlessly get Office 365 for Students for free.

However, you can sign up for Microsoft Azure Student and can get an Azure Student account with $100 free credit.

4. Github Student Developer Pack

This particular discount is offered to students who are into website developing, hosting of sites and programming. 

You can demand a Github Student Developer Pack which will give you a variation of discounts and free stuff, you can also receive $1000 and more value of free value using this pack.

It is very simple to sign up for a Student Developer Pack on Github using your .edu email account;

  • Just visit this link and click on the “Get your pack” button in the center.
  • On the next page, you can demand a discount and fill up the signup form then wait for 5 days for them to reply.

Other benefits you’ll receive in the github developers pack include;

You’ll get up to $110 in bonus AWS credits for a total sum of $75-$150, Bitnami Business 3 plan (usually$49/month) free for a whole year, DataDog Pro Account, including 10 servers.

This is free for 2 years, DigitalOcean $50 in platform credit for new users, Github unlimited private repositories (usually $7/month)

while you are a student, Namecheap one-year SSL certificate (usually $9/year) and one-year domain name registration on the .me TLD (usually $18.99/year).

This is the greatest benefit of an Edu email account.

5. Autodesk

Autodesk gives a high number of free software licenses for students which are highly profitable. You need to register on their website using your .edu email account and then you will be able to download the free software and licenses.

However, if you already have a .edu email then go to the official site of Autodesk and click on “sign-in”  at the top right-hand corner of the website then after that a drop-down menu will open.

Then, you will have to choose the Education Community. On the next page, click on “create account” and then choose your Country, Education Role (student), and date of birth.

Now you will have to enter your credentials and your college email address ending in the .edu email account which will then lead you to a sign-up page where you will have to enter your College/University name.

Here, if it is not specified then you can simply add it. When your registration is finished, you will get a confirmation email from Autodesk which will then let you download the free software.

How to Create A .edu Email Account for Free

So diving into the main reason why you came here “how to Create an edu Email Account for Free”.

To create a .edu email, you will require a U.S. identity, Address, and SSN. But, if you don’t have any of these, don’t worry.

We have also stated how to get those pieces of information for free.  After this, you will signup through this link, and click on ‘create account’ followed by ‘begin creating account’. Input the information to create the free .edu email address.

Therefore, let’s commence. We will share the entire process to create a .edu email in two parts and explain the full process to create a .edu email for free.

How To Create Free .edu email – PART 1

  • Firstly, you’ll have to signup by following this given link. Click on “Create an Account” and then click on “Begin creating My Account”.
  • If you are a USA citizen then fill in your information but if you’re not then don’t worry. Follow this link and create fake information about California and utilize that information to register. (Remember age should be under 20-23 only) But, if the name you have created has aged more than that then just reduce age while signing up.
  • Input the information you generated into the Account Creation on the application. Input name, birthdate, and social security number. Choose “I don’t have a middle name”. Also, choose No for the Previous name and No for Preferred Name.
  • Also, choose None for Suffix. Then click “Continue”.
  • Enter your email, then enter a US phone number. If you don’t have a US phone number then click here to get it. Leave the second phone number space empty. Enter the street address from the address you have generated. Then click continue. If it says “we can’t find your address” after you have clicked continue then just click ok and check I verify my address and click continue.
  • Then, enter your username, password, and pin.
  • Choose a random security question answer and then Solve the captcha. Then click “Create My Account”.

How To Create Free email – PART 2

If you are a US citizen, fill up necessary areas with your own info. If not then follow the steps provided below.

  • Click continue then sign in with your username and password if you are already signed out. Select your college from the list then click start my application.
  • The term should be close to the date you are applying like I am applying in January 2022. Select the undecided goals and random major subjects and then click continue.
  • Click on “My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above” and then continue.
  • Select the first time after leaving high school, Then select received a high school diploma from US school and the date should be just 1 year before you are applying for this application. Click yes and no respectively.
  • Select I attended high school and then state California, Select school “Apple valley high school” or Sacramento high school. Choose your own information if you are from the US.
  • Select G.P.A above 3-4, select 12 grade AP English composition and literature, grade as ‘A’, and then select algebra1 and grade ’A’. Then continue.
  • For “US citizen and military status” write none.
  • For California residency write yes and the other no and no.
  • Select YES in every field and NO for Athletic interest. Select a random program and continue.
  • Choose your gender and sexual orientation straight then guardian education level as a high school graduate and continue.
  • Click on Latino or Hispanic as ‘no and race white, European.
  • Then, select the city of Austin and the state of California.
  • No, No, 12, game respectively.
  • Check all fields and I consent and submit your application. Then just click on continue.
  • After submission, wait a few days and after that, you will receive an email with your .edu email login data.

Congratulations! Now you have been able to create a .edu email for free.

How To Create A .edu Email Account Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fake address generator?

A fake address generator is a tool that is used to make a fake identity to get data like Name, phone number, address, and most important Social Security number(SSN) which are crucial for making a .edu email.

Where to login using .edu email?

It depends upon the .edu email provider(educational institute). Most of them have their own portal but sometimes we have to log in using Gmail website.

In the methods shown in these posts, login places for each method are mentioned.

How do I create a .edu email?

1. Go to the link

2. Fill up the information as instructed in the post.

Can homeschoolers get a .edu email?

No. A .edu email is given by the educational institutions for getting information among the students and officials.

What can you do with a student email?

We can get free premium services using an Edu email address. different companies make a special package of Softwares for students in order to help them in their studies which they cannot afford.


We have carefully laid a step-by-step procedure on how to successfully create your .edu email account for free in 2023. We urge you to read carefully and follow these step-by-step procedures to successfully create your own .edu email account.


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