John Monash Scholarship Program 2023 – Tips To Apply And Get Selected



If you are a post graduate student from Australia that want to further there education in any university of choice then this article about the John Monash Scholarship Program is definitely for you.

John Monash Scholarship Program is a top notch scholarship for deserving students, students considered for the scholarship must have proven to be excellent and outstanding in there academic pursuit.


The scholarship is named after John Monash who was one of the most loved leader in Australia, he was born on 27 June 1865, despite been a civil engineer by profession, he rose through the military ranks to become a comander. He commanded the 13th infantry brigrade before the commencement of the 1st world war and also commands the 4th brigrade shortly after the commencement of the war. He is recognized globally as one of the finest commanders of the 1st world war.

During John Monash time on earth he was a great academician, no wonder this special scholarship is named after him, he had his Masters of Engineering degree in 1893 from the University Melbourne, he also had a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law in 1895 after which he proceeded to obtain Doctorate degree in Engineering in 1921.

About John Monash Scholarship

John Monash scholarship is a scholarship that provides assistance to deserving Australian citizens that want to continue there education at postgraduate level, the scholarship is unavailable for undergraduates. It is only open for Masters and Doctorate degrees, applicants can choose to study at any university abroad.

The scholarship is organized by the Sir John Monash foundation, and awarded every year to deserving Australian citizens, it is one of the highly rated scholarship program in Australia.

Successful applicants for The John Monash scholarship are not selected by there ages or gender, age is never a factor of determining the beneficials of the scholarship program, only students who have exhibited successful leadership roles in there areas of disciplines are picked also those with vision that can improve the Australian society are also considered.


The John Monash scholarship started in 2004, the first beneficial’s were selected after a rigorous exercise but after then the John Monash scholarship have grown better and bigger, and the alumni body have grown to over 183 scholars.

Over the years, the John Monash scholarship have received numerous support from the Australian government and also from the private sector, many top Australian universities and individuals have also partnered with the organization to improve the John Monash scholarship.

More Details About John Monash Scholarships

We would be diving deeper on specific details on how to apply for the John Monash Scholarships, details like eligibility and criteria for application would be discussed here.

Criteria For Application For The John Monash Scholarships

Candidates who wish to apply for the John Monash Scholarships must first go through the list below to see if they are qualified to apply.

  • Be an Australian citizen: You must first be an Australian citizen before been considered for this scholarship program.

There are 3 ways to acquire an Australian citizenship

  1. By birth
  2. By descent
  3. By grant

  • Applicant must have completed or be about to complete a university degree in any of an Australian university.
  • Applicants must be ready to undertake a postgraduate course in the next academic calendar year in an overseas university


The above are the basic requirements but in addition to that applicants must also meet the following factors to be discussed below.

  • Leadership: Applicants must posses leadership skills in there various disciplines and also exhibit professionalism in there area of study.
  • Excellence in candidates field of study: an applicant aiming to be selected for the John Monash Scholarships must have shown excellence during his previous years of study as an undergraduate, tho excellence can be shown through prizes won, awards and publications to his or her name.
  • Proposed career pathway: Applicant must present a credible and reliable career pathway that addresses one or many problems in his field and list possible solutions to the problem that would benefit the Australia society.
  • References: Applicants must present 3 references that would vouch for him or her during the application process, your references should also be able to outline your abilities.
  • Research project or study program : Candidates must also present a specific, well developed research for his study at the best university overseas.

Scholarship Worth

Every academic year over 20 deserving post graduate student are selected for the John Monash Scholarship, and are presented with AUD $70,000 per year, this payment is Continually for a period of 3 years, the total sum would accumulate to AUD $210,000.

Selected candidates are also mandated to choose any university overseas for there study.

Application Deadline

Applications for the John Monash scholarships are always opened from May except announced otherwise by the organizers, this year’s application is currently closed FOR NOW but would be reopened by May 2022. Candidates are ment to prepare there applications and wait to apply when it becomes open.

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Monash Scholarship Application: How to Apply

Candidates who are interested in this scholarship are meant to visit the official scholarship website and watch a video that describes the application process, after watching the video you are meant to apply all the principles in the video to complete your application.


Monash Scholars Program FAQs

When is the deadline for the John Monash scholarship application?

Applications for the John Monash scholarship program is done once a year, application starts from 1st of may and closes by midnight of 14th April.

What grade point average should I have before applying for the scholarship?

The organizers of the John Monash scholarship haven’t set a particular GPA as requirement for the scholarship, tho applicant must show that they have the ability to study throughout the rigorous program.

If am unsuccessful in my first attempt, can I still apply again?

Yes, there is no limit of Application, if you aren’t chosen you can still apply over and over again, making specific adjustments to your application.


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