10 Best College Majors For Lazy Students

Best College Majors For Lazy Students
Best College Majors For Lazy Students

Hey Smart Scholar, have you been searching for degrees for lazy students? Worry no more as we would be listing some of the best college majors for lazy students.

Education might be a worthwhile initiative to embark on but it isn’t for lazy students, to get good grades you must work hard and burn the night candles, however there are some college majors for lazy students, these majors are designed to accommodate students who wouldn’t have much time studying for other complicated degrees.

The job prospects of these degrees mentioned here are okay, there are higher chances of securing a job after graduation.

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However there are some things to consider when choosing a college major for lazy students.

Things to Consider When Choosing a College Major for Lazy Students

  • Your Interest
  • Your Natural Abilities & Talents
  • The Program Requirements, etc.

1. Your Interest

There are many degrees for lazy students but when picking you should select majors that align with your interest.

For example, If you have interest in culture and events from the past you should consider studying history.

2. Your Natural Abilities & Talents 

Studying a major that aligns with your talents could also be a factor for selecting a college major for lazy students.

A typical example is someone who is talented in music, he or she would perform well if they opt for a major in music while selecting college majors for lazy students.

3. The Program Requirements 

The requirements for a particular major is also a determining factor in determining what to study as a lazy student.

Some majors require you to have a credit in maths and other science subjects or have a gpa of over 3.5 while some majors are very lenient with these requirements.

10 Best College Majors For Lazy Students

Below is a list of the top majors for lazy students which would help you choose a degree to study in college.

  • Music Major
  • English Major
  • Major in Humanities
  • Language and Linguistics Major 
  • Education Major
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • History Major 
  • Major in Communications
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology Major.

1. Music Major

A music major is among the best college majors for lazy students, you just need to possess some musical talents or be passionate about music to finish with good grades.

You would also get the opportunity to share your talents with professionals who share the same musical talents with you.

 As a Music Major, there are several ways you can make money out of the industry and build a Career for yourself. 

Some of the career opportunities for Music Majors and their average salaries include:

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  • Executive Director -$91,300
  • Music Producers- $76,400
  • Music Teachers – $69,690
  • Music Director / Composer -$52,250
  • Worship Pastor or Leader – $51,940
  • Broadcast / Sound Engineering Technician – $47,420.

2. English Major 

If you love languages, specifically the English language, then an English major is the perfect degree for you as a lazy student.

As an English major, you’ll have the freedom to express your natural abilities and expand your scope of understanding of the English language by reading a lot of literary works.

With an English Major, you can pursue the following career opportunities:

  • Marketing Managers – $142,170
  • Miscellaneous Managers – $116,350
  • Office Manager – $98,890
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author – $67,120
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Secondary School Teachers – $62,870

3. Major in Humanities

Humanities is a broad faculty that consist of different fields like arts, history, philosophy, literature, religion, and even music.

A degree in humanity is a good major for college students. These are various high-paying jobs you can get with a humanities major.

  • Human Resources Manager – $121,220
  • Social and Community Service Manager – $69,600
  • Writer – $67,120
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Social Worker – $51,760
  • Associate Professor – $49,420

4. Language and Linguistics Major 

There are thousands of languages spoken across the world and you can devote your time to studying one and build a career from it.

These are various jobs you can get with a language major.

  • Linguist – $87,260
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – $80, 480
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Interpreter or Translator – $52,330

5. Education Major

Education is a vital sector in the development of any nation, if you are good in any course you can build a career around it and become an expert.

As an education Major, you’ll be able to pass your knowledge to others and impact the world from the classroom. However, the classroom is not the only place where Education majors can build a career.

Check out the following career opportunities for Education majors:

  • Executive Director – $107,680
  • Elementary School Principal – $98,490
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Training and Development Specialist – $62,700
  • Special Education Teacher – $61,420
  • Middle School Teacher – $60,810
  • Adult High School Diploma Teacher – $55,350

6. Major in Creative Writing

Creative writing is also another good college major for lazy students, if you are passionate about writing you can become a professional writer.

These days, the services of good writers are highly demanded in different industries by corporations, individuals, and firms.

If you’re skeptical about what career opportunities await you as a creative writing major, you may want to consider the following:

  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Communications Manager – $118,430
  • Senior Copywriter – $94,090
  • Writer / Author – $67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Librarian – $60,820
  • Paralegal / Legal Assistant – $52,920
  • Reporter / Correspondent / Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

7. History Major 

History is an interesting major which also makes it to our list of degrees for lazy students.

You have to study about past events and how they shape our world.

You won’t have to go through the burden of performing technical tasks or solving huge problems.

The following career paths are worth considering for every History Major. Take a look:

  • Attorney / Lawyer – $126,930
  • Director of Operations – $103,650
  • Associate Attorney – $84,450
  • Historian – $63,940
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Curator – $56,990
  • Archivist – $56,760
  • Museum Technician – $45,710

8. Major in Communications

Communications is a major that requires less stress, you would study about advertising, mass media and communications.

Apart from the fact that you’ll improve your communication and writing skills during your study, you’ll also have a variety of career options:

  • Marketing Director – $185,950
  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Account Manager – $141,490
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author – $67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Reporter, Correspondent, or Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

9. Religious Studies 

Religion is another major that is less technical; it only requires you to research, read and understand belief, institutions and systems of faith of different peoples, cultures and communities.

Check out the following career opportunities that may await you as a Religious study major:

  • Author – $67,120
  • Charity Coordinator – $51107
  • Senior Pastor – $66,980
  • Clergyperson – $51,940
  • Activist – $41, 890.
  • Community Developer- $54263

10. Sociology Major

The last degree on our list of college majors for lazy students is sociology.

Sociology is a Social Science course that is focused on the study of human behaviors and society.

This major can be fun to study because you’ll begin to understand people, cultures, and human behaviors better.

With this knowledge, you can choose to build a Career as:

  • Management Analyst – $87,660
  • Project Management Specialist – $77,420
  • Market Research Analyst – $65,810
  • Human Resources Specialist – $63,490
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Major For Lazy People?

  • Music major
  • History major
  • Languages & linguistics major
  • Major in humanities
  • Major in communications
  • Major in humanities

What Is The Most Regretted Major?

A survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Survey showed that arts and humanities majors recorded the highest rate of regret.

What Is The Quickest Degree To Get?

There are so many degrees that you can get at a fast pace especially if you go through the accelerated route. Nevertheless, many people consider education, business administration, and psychology to be amongst the fastest degrees.


No college major is easy, you would still study and read to pass. But the stress involved in some of these degrees mentioned here is lower.


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