Easiest Ways On How To Reschedule GRE Test At Home

If you missed your GRE test due to unforeseen circumstances, or you feel that you are not yet prepared to take the test. You don’t need to panic, you can still retake the text if you follow the right procedures about rescheduling. We would be showing you the easiest ways on how to reschedule GRE test at home without paying anyone to do it for you.

So if you find yourself battling with reasons to reschedule your GRE test, this article is specially prepared to handle this problem.

Reasons why Applicants Reschedule There GRE tests

The graduate record exam also known as GRE test is one which requires adequate preparation both physically and mentally to excel in the exam.

Applicants may have an emergency and might not be in the right frame of mind to partake in the test, so rescheduling the exam is only the alternative.

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Another reason why applicants reschedule their text is when they fail to meet the $230 cost. 

Before you would be allowed to take the text you would be mandated to pay a sum of $230 and most applicants always find it difficult to meet the payment deadline, so such an instance can lead to rescheduling the GRE test.

How Much Does It Cost To Reschedule Your GRE Test

We would be going straight down into business, before you know how to reschedule gre test at home you should know that rescheduling your GRE test would cost you a non refundable sum of $50.

This price might differ from people living in Asian regions like China, the cost of rescheduling GRE exams for such countries varies about $59.30.

When Should I Reschedule My GRE Test?

The best time to reschedule your GRE test is about 4 days to your exam, anything less than this is not advisable, but if you live in the Asian region you should opt to reschedule your GRE test about 10 days before your exam.

How To Reschedule GRE Test At Home Through Your Exam Portal

There are many ways of rescheduling your GRE test, you can do it yourself in your exam portal or contact your regional registration officer to reschedule for you.

follow the procedures below to know how to reschedule GRE test at home in your portal

  • Login to your exam portal and select the drop down menu.
  • Then choose the particular exam you want to reschedule.
  • Select reschedule appointments from the options that would pop out.
  • Click on the find available examinations dates and centers, and select your prefered date, time and location.
  • Click register, then confirm your registration.

This format of rescheduling is subject to if there is any available seat at the time you selected for your exam to be rescheduled.

How To Reschedule GRE Test Via Mail

Rescheduling your GRE test via mail is pretty simple, all you have to do is send a mail to ETS, your mail should contain the following information as listed below;

  • Your name
  • Date of birth and address
  • Exam registration number
  • Date of test
  • Preferred testing center
  • New date of test
  • Rescheduling fee of $50

After you have composed your mail, you should send it with the title ” Request for an ETS GRE reschedule.

You should send the mail to the address below.


6000 P.O. Box

Princeton, NJ 08541-6000, United States of America.

How To Reschedule GRE Test By Fax

You can also reschedule your GRE exam by faxing your request to 1-610-290-8975, your request should include your $50 rescheduling fee.

How To Reschedule GRE Test With Phone

You can also reschedule your GRE test at the comfort of your home with your cell phone, all you need to do is call these numbers; 1-609-771-7670 or 1-866-473-4373.

If you reside in the United states or Canada, the numbers are toll free with no charges attached to them.

You can call in anytime from Monday to Friday within the hours of 8.00 am and 7.45 pm.

How To Reschedule Paper Delivered GRE or GRE Test Subject

The rescheduling process for the paper delivered GRE or test subjects are the same, the only major difference is you still have to write the exam the same year since it is only written three times per year.

When choosing your new date of exam, note that it must still fall under the year you were initially supposed to write the exam, if it doesn’t fall under the same year, you would lose your test fee which is about $205 for the paper delivered test and $150 for a GRE subject.


If you wish to know how to reschedule your GRE test at home, then these methods are simple to follow.

You can pick from any option depending on your location, if you encounter any difficulty never fail to drop a comment in the comment section, we’ll be glad to help you scale through.

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