Get Paid to Protest in 2022: 10 Platforms That Pay Well

Have you ever imagined the drive that brings out thousands of people whenever there is a protest around your vicinity, it would shock you to know that people actually get paid to protest.

Yes, not everybody you see on a protest venue shouting actually came out because they feel shortchanged, some people came out to protest in order to get paid at the end of the protest.

This new trend might be one of the easiest ways to make money daily, in this article we would be showing you the best platforms that pay to protest.

We would also be educating you with all necessary information to get at your finger tips before venturing into the get paid to protest business.

Why Do people Protest?

There is only one reason why people protest and that is when they are not satisfied with a service, or feel neglected by an organization or government. 

People also protest when there entitlements due them are withheld by employers.

People actually come together and organize peaceful protests whenever the need to do so arises, but sometimes these protest might become violent.

When a group of individuals organize a protest and feel they need more bodies to make up numbers so there voices would be easily heard they make contact with agencies that deals with paying people to protest.

Paid protesters are people who participated in public outrage or objection in exchange for payment.

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This article will cover the best platforms for you to get paid to protest in 2022.

And also the amount you would receive when you participate in a protest.

Be for we list the platforms that pay you to protest let’s list things you new to know before endulging in a get paid to protest campaign.

How Much Can I Make If I Get Paid To Protest?

 The amount of money you can make by protesting is determined by several factors such as; The length of the protest, the location of the protest, and the cause that you are supporting all play a role in how much money you can earn while protesting.

Generally speaking, you can expect to earn around $1,500 per week. However, some protests may pay more or less depending on the above mentioned factors.

Platforms Where You Can Get Paid To Protest

  • ProtestPay
  • PaidToProtest
  • GetPaidToProtest

These platforms will pay you to protest for a variety of different causes. You can choose the reason you want to support and then find a protest near you. Once you attend the protest, the platform will pay you.

How To Get Paid To Protest

Firstly, sign up with an organization that pays protesters. These organizations typically have a cause they are fighting for, and they will pay protesters to help them raise awareness and get people involved.

Here are other tips to guide you on how to get paid to protest.

#1. Organizing a protest

Set a goal 

Getting paid to protest can function as a way to promote awareness about an issue or layout pressure on those in position to make a particular change. 

What do you want to achieve by protesting? Determine who will be watching your protest and devise a strategy from there. 

Choose a public location  

Choosing a convenient public location for your protest matters. The public location for your get paid to protest should be the one that will help you to accomplish your target spectators so that the protest will be as effective as possible.

You get paid to protest public locations could be in front of a park, a courthouse, a market place and much more, depending on the public location of your choice

Pick a time to stage your protest: 

Protest at a time when you will be able to gather as much crowd as you can in order to have the greatest impact on your spectators. 

On the other hand, if the aim of your protest is to gather as many people as possible, you might want to protest on a weekend when more people will be available to come.

Get the necessary permits: 

Consult your city officials to see if you’ll need a permit to demonstrate in the public space you’ve chosen.

Each city has laws regarding how many people can protest and where they can gather. 

Do your homework and get permission so your protest will not disband before it can gain any traction. 

Plan the sequence of events: 

It’s essential to have an agenda in mind for what will happen once everyone is gathered for the protest, research other effective protests, and develop a game plan to help you target your goal.

Publicize the protest: 

In order to make the protest plan effective. You need to take this vital step to make sure your protest gets much attention as possible.

The aim is not just to inspire people to show up for the protest but to apprehend the media’s attention.

#2. Getting prepared to protest

Gather protest materials: 

Make posters, visual aids, and pamphlets to help spread your messages and help to lay out your information to the audience.

Wear protective clothing: 

You can keep yourself safe at a protest by dressing appropriately for the occasion. Mind you, during a rally, you might be standing or walking for several hours, and for safety purposes, you will have to dress for comfort. 

Bring emergency supplies: 

Take with you a backpack with a few emergency supplies you might need, such as; a bottle of water, a food flask, a copy of the protest permit, a first aid kit, and many more.

Understand that protest are unpredictable: 

Mind you that no matter what you’re protesting for, there will be people who strongly disagree with your point of view. 

You may even come across another group of protesters protesting the opposite side of the issue you are protesting.

Follow the guidelines or instructions in the protest permit

Make sure you understand your rights as a protester and how to interact with the police if you are approached by one. 

If you stick to the terms and conditions outlined in the protest permit, you should not encounter problems, but you can never tell what could happen in the nearest future. 

Do your best to follow the instructions given to you by both the Protest permit and the police.

#3. Protesting effectively and safely

Be respectful at all times: 

Getting paid to protest can be a very effective way to exercise free speech, make your voice heard, and bring about change. 

However, being disrespectful to those against whom you are protesting can undermine your group’s reputation and hurt the case. So, if you are disrespectful, your arguments will not be taken seriously.

Obey the law: 

Follow all the rules to get paid to protest permit to avoid legal repercussions. If you are considering civil disobedience as part of your protest strategy, I suggest you think carefully before making such a decision.

Gauge the effectiveness of your protest

When it is all done, relax and reflect back on the Protest and consider what worked and what didn’t work. 

Think about whether you accomplished your goal and whether a different approach would be needed the next time of protesting.

Get paid instantly: 

After the protest, the get paid to protest organization for which you signed up and protested will credit your bank account right away.

10 best platforms for getting paid to protest

  1. YouCaring
  2. Patreon
  3. Indiegogo
  4. Boost The Vote
  5. ACLU
  6. NAACP
  7. The People’s Defense Initiatives
  8. The Protest Fund
  9. The Bail Project

Here are the top 10 best platforms for getting paid to protest

#1. YouCaring: 

YouCaring is a paying platform that has been used to support protest movements around the world.

#2. Patreon: 

Patreon is a membership platform that allows people to support creators and organizations with monthly donations. This can be a great way to sustain a protest movement financially.

#3. Indiegogo:  

Indiegogo is another paying platform that can be used to support protests and other social justice initiatives.

#4. Boost The Vote: 

Boost the Vote is an online platform that helps people register to vote and participate in the political process. This can be a great way to make your voice heard on the issues that matters to you.

(This is mainly for political protest)

#5. ACLU: 

The American Civil Liberties Union is a non-profit organization that defends individuals’ constitutional rights. They accept donations on their website, which you can use to support various civil liberties initiatives, including protests.

#6.  NAACP: 

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is another organization that supports civil rights initiatives, including protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

#7. The People’s Defense Initiatives:

This platform provides protesters with up-to-date information on protests happening around the country. 

It also offers a variety of resources, including a database of pro-bono lawyers and financial assistance for bail and legal fees. 

Protesters can sign up for alerts about upcoming protests, and they will receive a percentage of any donations made to the initiative.

#8. The Protest Fund 

This fund provides protesters with financial assistance for bail, legal fees, and other expenses related to protesting. 

Protesters can apply for funding online, and they will receive a decision within 48 hours. Funding amounts vary depending on need, but the average award is $500.

#9. The Bail Project: 

This organization helps protesters post bail so they can be released from jail after an arrest. The project also provides protesters with resources like legal assistance and support groups. 

To qualify for assistance, protesters must face charges related to participating in a protest or demonstration.


If you are searching for ways where you can make money weekly, then this article is definitely worth your time, mentioned above are platforms where you get paid to join a protest.

You can search for a cause you are interested in and participate in the protest around your environment and get PD at the end of the event.

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