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MIT free online courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the top universities in America, it is a private land-grant research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Free Online Courses are courses designed to help students study at the comfort of your houses.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in 1861, and have since grown to become one of the best universities in science, engineering and technology related courses.

According to the higher times university ranking, Massachusetts institute of technology is currently ranked as one of the best higher institution in the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has produced 98 Nobel Laureates, 26 turning awards, 8 field medalist, and other recipient’s of top honors spanning over its 160 years of existence. MIT over the years have proven to be very selective with admission, international students have always found it difficult to be admitted in the MIT due to this reason and also its high tuition.

This article would help you in your quest in searching for MIT free online courses, you would be able to gain knowledge completely free from MIT, which is one of the top universities in the world, at the comfort of your home.

MIT free online courses have proven to be cost effective and would also broaden your knowledge on your area of discipline.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is a medium where free online courses are provided for interested students, once you have an Internet connection, you can be able to access over 2000 free online courses from the MIT, both for undergraduate and graduate level courses.


The MIT edX was co founded with Harvard in 2012 as an education non profit to provide free online courses, it has the same motive as the MIT OpenCourseWare, but it’s setting is more of a typical class room experience, that includes video lectures, discussions and community involvement.

MIT Free Online Courses

Here is the compiled list of the most popular MIT free online courses, if you go through and don’t see any course that suits your passion, you can visit the official website of the Massachusetts Institute of technology and go through the OpenCourseWare and Edx pages to peruse through the over 200+ courses offered at the MIT.

1. Machine learning with python

This is a free course on offered by the MIT on machine learning, students would learn everything related to machine learning from linear models to deep learning.
This course would take you more than 15 weeks to complete, after completion you would be given a certificate, although the course is free you would have to pay a token of $300 for a verified certificate.

Programming using phython and introduction to computer science
This is an introductory course in programming using phython, you would learn simple algorithms, debugging and testing, data structures and other basic terms associated with python programming.
The course would take about 9 weeks to be completed and you would be requested to pay $75 for a verified certificate which you can attach to your resume.

2. Art, Craft and Science

This is another free course offered by the MIT, students share there ideas through the MIT OpenCourseWare.

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This MIT Free Online Course investigates crafts, there histories and backgrounds. Students also investigates there commercialization and value both in the ancient and modern world.

3. Global Africa, Creative Cultures

This is one of the free courses offered by the MIT that is completely free, at the end of your study you would get a verified certificate that is also free.
The area of study includes Africa’s material and visual culture , anthropology, history, and social theory. Students are meant to analyze Africa’s rich culture based on musical and artistic products.

4. Shaping Work of the Future

Students offering this course are given the opportunity to investigate the correlation between modern technology, work and the society, in order to establish a blue print for modernization.

This course is a free course offered by the MIT, it usually takes up to 8 weeks for completion. Students are meant to pay $49 for a verified certificate.

Students are to approach this course with a view point of labour and employment in the United states of America and also around top tier countries in the world.

5. COVID-19 in Slums & Informal Settlements: Guidelines & Responses

This is a free course that takes about a month to complete, the course studies the effect of the covid -19 pandemic that ravaged the world, in impoverished communities, where basic precautionary measures like social distance, frequent hand washing are not obtainable.

This course brings together experts from different disciplines to solve a common problem, reducing the effect of the pandemic, after completion you would have to pay $29. for a verified Certificate.

6. Policy for Science, Technology, and Innovation

Students offering this course should be able to investigate the science and technology innovative sysytem, with focus on policies generated by the federal government , students also study the foundations of economic growth theory, innovation organization growth and innivation system.

Students would study from the basic techniques to advanced knowledge.
At the end of this course which last for 8 weeks you would pay $149 for a verified certificate.

7. Supply Chain Analytics

This is a business and management course which teaches the application of basic sully chain analytics and modeling, it also focuses on statistics and probability, regression as well as optimization.

This course would last about 15 weeks with free auditing, after completion of the course, you would pay $119 for a verified certificate.

8. Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices

This course is another MIT Free Online Course, it requires about 10 weeks for completion, after which you pay for a verified certificate which cost $49.

Students are meant to learn about attitudes and practices that enhance and promote conducive learning environment and help less privileged students succeed in education, participants would investigate and compare educational inequalities.

The course would enlighten you about how to be a better educator.

9. The Iterative Innovation Process

This course requires about 8 weeks for completion, students would study the relationship between markets and technology, and also chow to identify opportunities in each sector.

After completion you would pay $99 for a verified certificate.

10. Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy

This is one of the free online courses offered by the MIT that has a short time of completion, the course lasts for about 3 weeks, after completion students are required to pay $199 for a verified certificate.

Students offering this course are meant to know the complicated nature of public policies and the need for technicians and engineers to collaborate with public offices holders to provide solutions to the problems.

11. Evaluating Social Programs

Students offering this course would learn why random assesment are important and how to mange and evaluate there equality, this course takes about 6 weeks for completion and you have to pay $99 for a verified certificate.

Students also learn the fundamental components of a randomized assessments that is well designed.

How To Do Homeschool With MIT Free Online Course

You can do home school with MIT free online courses, you only have to visit MIT highlights.
MIT Highlights is an educational tool created by MIT OpenCourseWare that provides free education to high school students.

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