Top online statistics course 2022

top online statistics course

Education in this century have revolved and online courses are now the talk of town, If you have ever wanted to study a statistics course online, this article would prove helpful as we would be providing you with top online statistics course 2022.

The courses below can be studied by beginners and even professionals hoping to further there career in statistics or data science.

If you want to learn how to evaluate data either for academic or business purposes, then this article is specifically made for you, we would be providing you with the best courses online that can serve this purpose and also less expensive.

What Is Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of data and other related values, data set can be gotten from different sources including population, data gotten from machine learning, survey results, data analysis, hypothesis testing, data from research, sample distributions and many more sources of data.
Statistics help us understand small groups in relation to larger population.

Why study online statistics courses?

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There are many reasons why you should enroll in an online statistics course, few of the reasons are listed below:

  • Online statistics course would help build your analytical skills, it would help even in interpolation, data purification and data crunching skills.
  • Online statistics course would help equip you with mathematical comprehension ideas that aren’t always used put into practice.
  • Statistics course would also help build your computer science skills.
  • Statistics courses would also help you overcome application obstacle by giving you knowledge on how to use computer jargons.

In general studying an online statistics course would give you an edge over your competitors both academically and also in the industry.

Top online statistics courses 2022

#1. Statistics for data science and business analysis

This is an online udemy course that teaches core skills needed for an excellence career in statistics, it teaches you how to understand complex analysis that is similar to real life scenarios.

If you are interested to work as a data analyst, data scientist, market analyst or a business intelligence then this course would be extremely helpful in your career advancement.

This course is among the top online statistics courses available at a cheap and a friendly price.

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#2. Statistics for data science and business analytics A-Z

This is another top online statistics course, it teaches the important basics a statistician is meant to ne familiar with, the course is purely practical.

In this course you would learn about the central limit theorem, distributions, the z-test, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, statistical significance and many more practical courses.

This course simplifies the complex nature of statistics for an easy comprehension for beginners and even professionals.

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#3. Data science tools- statistical hypothesis testing-1

This is another top course that focuses on hypothesis testing which is one of the most important topics in statistics, this course would teach you how to calculate proportion, mean, and also difference in means.

You would also learn how to construct and test hypothesis, using step by step procedures, the course would also teach you how to perform varieties of statistical hypothesis test. After going through this course you should be able to tell the difference between a z-test and a t- test.

If you want to further your career in machine learning or data science this is an ideal course for you.

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#4. Learn how to use statistics step by step

This course is mainly for beginners that are just starting there journey in the world of statistics, the course can be said to be the foundation of statistics, it would help you hold a grasp in statistical analysis.
This udemy course is totally free and courses covered include; statistical metrics, deviation measures, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis.
The course also teaches how to visualize and measure distribution inequalities using Ginni’s index and the Lorenzo curve.

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#5. Jamovi- a powerful r based- statistical analyses tool

This is a course that is focused on research and analysis, before embarking on a journey with this course you should have used Jarvis before.

This course would give you a summary about Jamovi and how to use some of its important features. You don’t need to be a statistician to study this course, even individuals in other fields that want to understand how jamovi work can take this course.

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#6. Probability and statistics in data science using python

This is another free online statistics course, it uses python to teach probability and statistics in data science.

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The course teaches probability and statistics and how to apply them in real life scenarios using Jupyter notebooks.

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#7. Statistical data analysis with java

This course covers how to use java to efficiently model and visualize data, it teaches how to apply basic analysis to your business needs, use java APIs to conduct statistical data analysis, and create time series predictions.

You would also learn how to gain valuable insights from software programs using analysis methodologies.

This course would open you to using java to solve human needs.

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#8. Workshop in probability and statistics

This course is an easy to understand one, it teaches the fundamentals of basic probability and statistics. The course is a practical one that exposes students to workshops environment where you are meant to start from scratch to develop solutions to a particular problem.

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#9. Course & Practical SAS, Statistics And Data Analysis

This is another highly educating course for students who want to venture into data science, the course teaches the fundamental of SAS programming, data analysis and predictive modeling.

The course comprise of 150 lectures and 11 real life study cases.

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#10. Statistics With R Specialization

In this course tou would lewrn how to analyze and visualize statistical data’s and create replicant data analysis reports.

You would learn how to communicate statistical reports effectively.

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We hope that this article proves helpfull for those that want to pick up a statistics course to study online, the courses mentioned above are cheap while some are even free, you can make use of the opportunity to further your statistics and data science carrer further.

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