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Best Boarding Schools In Georgia – Updated List

If you are a parent trying to send your child or ward to boarding school in Georgia, this article would help you in your search for the best boarding schools in Georgia.

Boarding schools are great citadel of knowledge that helps in building the mental capability of a child, boarding schools also prepares children to live alone far from there immediate family members and also he’ll them when they go to study abroad.

What Is A Boarding School

A boarding school is a high school where students live on campus, students are allowed to go home occasionally.

Boarding schools have strict rules and guidelines guiding there day to day activities, boarding schools also have strict Dress codes for students while on campus.

Boarding schools have been in existent for centuries and have proven to be a better way of raising children with good morals, some boarding school also accept day students, while some schools are strictly for boarders. Some boarding schools are strictly for a particular gender, either male or female while some are co-educational.

A student in a boarding school is called boarder, a boarder is assigned a room when registering as a student, he is also assigned a teacher who is called a “dorm parent”. The dorm parent assists the boarder during study halls and other educational programmes.
what is a boarding school?

Advantages Of Attending Boarding Schools In Georgia

According to neigbourhood scout, the crime rate in Georgia is very high about 4.00 amongst 1000 citizens, participants of this crime are mostly youth and teenagers.

Sending your child or ward to boarding schools in Georgia would help the child stay away from dudes that involves themselves in various crime around the city.

Attending boarding schools in Georgia would also help you in adjusting easily to life when you are admitted to a premier college in the U.S, it would improve you both educationally and also in the area of critical and mental reasoning.

Letting your children or wards attend boarding schools in Georgia would also help them avoid distractions from video games, televisions and other electronic gadgets that might hinder them from fully focusing on there academic works.

Attending boarding schools in Georgia would also help in developing your fluency in a second language, language immersion classes provides student who want to improve thereselves in one or many languages with the opportunity.

Attending boarding schools in Georgia would also help your child to be self reliance in man I ng finance, provisions and other little materials assigned to him.

Your child would also be able to complete household tasks, and other school activities on his own without depending on assistance from an outsider.

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Boarding schools in Georgia provide an opportunity for self development for teenagers who turn out to become a better person in the society.

How Much Do Boarding Schools in Georgia Cost?

Boarding schools in Georgia charges around $10,800 per year for private school tuition, while private elementary school charges around $9,110 as tuition per year, the average cost for high school tuition is $11,000.

Darlington High school is the most expensive private boarding school in Georgia with average fee of $52,820, while Decatur Montessori seems to be the cheapest with an average tuition fee of $1,042.

Top 10 Boarding Schools in Georgia

Below is a list of top 10 boarding schools in Georgia, the schools here would be graded based on there academic performances and popularity.

1. Brandon Hall School

Brandon high school is a top boarding school in Georgia, it is located in a secluded area in the city Atlanta beside the famous Atlanta’s Chattahoochee River.

Brandon hall school is a co-education a school (a co-educational school is a school that is opened to both male and female students), I was founded in 1959 by Theodore Hecht as a proprietary tutoring school but was later converted to a BlueRibbon School by the United States Department of Education few years after its commencement.

The brandon hall school operates with a strong curriculum for maths, engineering , science and arts but also accommodates extra curricular activities, students are mandated to participate in activities like soccer, table tennis, wrestling, volley ball, and taekwando.

The school also engages in cross country walks, students of the school are given the opportunity to travel both locally and internationally.

The brandon hall school also helps in developing special artistic taken in its students with the department of arts engaging its student with classes in music, drama, prose and poetry, stage performce, media and sculpting.

2. Tallulah Falls School

Tallulah falls school is a top private boarding school in Georgia located in Tallulah falls, Georgia.

Students of this school are raised with basic christain morals, the school is operated like a missionary school but under no specified denomination. Students of this school spend 7 hours a day in class and participates in other religious activities.

The school also encourages its students to participate in extra curricular activities like sports and other mental building games.

Parents enrolling there wards in this school are mainly those from Christain families that want there kids to be raised in a godly manner.

3. Prayer Mountain Academy

Prayer mountain academy is another top boarding schools in Georgia, the school help student that are battling with specific bad additions. The school is specifically for male students within the ages of 13 to 17, the school helps to shape and mould the young boys to become better persons in the society.

The school is located in a calm and serene environment, free from outside distractions, the teachers in this school are specialist in using therapeutic elements to eliminate bad additions in the life of young children.

4. Darlington School

Darlington school is among the best boarding schools in Georgia, it is located 1014 Cave Spring Road, SW Rome, GA 30161 And was established in 1901 it is one of the oldest private schools located in the state of Georgia.

Darlington schools is a co-educational boarding school, it also accepts day students. it prepares student for life when they get admitted into colleges in the united states.

Darlington schools accepts students from pre kindergarten to grade 12, it also provides its students with materials that enhances there studies and also for extra curricular activities.

Darlington school is the most expensive boarding school in Georgia.

5. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School is among the top boarding schools in Georgia, despite it’s small land mass it has excelled well in academic activities prompting its inclusion into this list.

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School was established in 1903 and is located at 339 Nacoochee Drive Rabun Gap, GA 30568, Rabun county. it is a private co-educational school that offers both day and boarding services.

6. Academe of the Oaks

Academe of the Oaks is one of the youngest boarding schools in Georgia, it was established in 2003 but have since gone on to achieve excellence in raising decent children and preparing them for college life.

Academe of the Oaks is located at 146 New street, Decatur, Georgia 30030. It is a co-educational school that offers both day and boarding options to its students. the school trains its students to look beyond cramming and memorizing to pass exams but self development that would enhance there academic performance.

7. Riverside Military Academy

Riverside Military Academy is among the top boarding schools in Georgia, tho its only for boys. It has options for both day and boarding.

Riverside Military Academy is a private school located at 2001 Riverside Drive in Gainesville, Georgia, it was established in 1907.

It’s curriculum has a strong foundations on stem courses, it also serves as a preperatory ground to life in college.

8. Bethesda Academy

Bethesda academy is one of the oldest schools in Georgia, it was founded in 1740.

This particular school has so many history within it’s rank, it was founded as an oroahange before been converted fully to a school. The Bethesda academy is only for boys and strictly boarding, it is located at 9520 Ferguson Ave Savannah, GA 31406 in Chatham county.

The school pays adequate attention in the moral upbringing of its students and ooerates on a scale of six students to one teacher.

Students of these school also participate in extra curricular activities like sports.

9. Solid Rock Academy

Solid rock academy is also among top boarding schools in Georgia, it is located at 106 commerce st, Fayetteville. It is a co-educational school that is strictly boarding. It is one of the youngest schools in Georgia. the school serves as a solid preparatory ground for college life.

10. Atlanta Trilingual Academy

Atlanta Trilingual Academy is a school that provides students the opportunity to study different languages, as the name trilingual implies its teaches it’s students in Chinese, Spanish and English languages.

The school accepts student from kindergarten to 4th grade and operates on a scale of 6 students to one teacher.

Best Boarding schools in north Georgia

1. Darlington School

1014 Cave Spring Road, SW
Rome, GA 30161

2. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

339 Nacoochee Drive
Rabun Gap, GA 30568

3. Brandon Hall School

1701 Brandon Hall Drive
Atlanta, GA 30350


The above list is a compilation of the best boarding schools in Georgia, each school listed here is unique in it’s own way of operation, some schools are co-educational while some are strictly for male children.

Most of the boarding schools listed here also have an option for day students if you like to person all monitor the upbringing of your child.

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