Queensland University Law Scholarships 2022- Tips To Apply And Get Selected

Queensland University Law Scholarships 2022 is currently open for application, it is one of the top scholarship in Australia even though it is partially funded.

Queensland University Law Scholarships is a partially funded scholarship for overseas students, it is specifically for Msc students and covers from 25% to 50% of your tuition fee, the scholarship is for Law students to further there studies and secure a masters degree in Law.

The Queensland University Law Scholarships for Masters students is hosted by the Queensland university and it offers the following post graduate courses in Law.

the Master of Laws (LLM), the Master of International Law (MIL), and the Master of International Commercial Law (MICLaw) or dual degree programs.

The Queensland university is a public research university located at Brisbane, Australia.

It was founded in 1909 by the state parliament, it is one of the oldest universities in Australia, it is ranked as one of the best universities in Australia by the Times Higher education university ranking.

UQ Law School was established in 1936, and remains the 6th oldest law school in Australia, the UQ law school has produced six Australian High court judges and two Chief Justices of Australia.
Competition for admission into the UQ law school is highly competitive as only 200 LLB students are admitted yearly.

Details About The Queensland University Law Scholarships

Queensland University Law Scholarships was created to promote excellence in international students pursuing there postgraduate studies in Queensland university.

The scholarship only covers half of your tuition, from 25 to 50 percent depending on the recommendation from the head of department, the scholarship does not provide other benefits and allowance like, accommodation stipends, travel expense, health stipends, amenities fee and student service.

The tuition fee for the Queensland University Law Scholarships is always paid instalmentally precisely in two payments, one in the first semester and the other in the second semester.
Application for the scholarship is currently ongoing and would be closed by October 30, 2022.

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Eligibility Criteria for Queensland University Law Scholarships

For you to be eligible to apply for the Queensland university law scholarship, you must meet the following requirement.

  • Applicant must be fluent with English language
  • Applicant must have applied for admission in the Queensland university or must be an undergraduate in there final year and wish to proceed in furthering there postgraduate education in Queensland.
  • Applicant must submit an application before the deadline day using the format prescribed by the head.
  • Applicant must not hold another similar scholarship at the time of application.
  • Applicant wishing to be selected for Queensland University Law scholarship must have a Grade point average (GPA) of 4.5 or above.
  • The scholarship would be awarded on merit to any aspirant that meets the above requirements devoid of age, race or religion.
  • The scholarship committee can also decide to introduce some relevant criteria if the need be.
  • This scholarship is one of the most toughest scholarship to get due to the high number of applicants and less intakes, so applicants need to step up there applications to stand a high chance of been selected.

How to Apply for Queensland University Law Scholarships

Application for this scholarship is quite easy and straight forward all you have to do is follow the instruction and steps below.

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Applicant must first seek admission into the Queensland university for any postgraduate course in law.

You can apply for an admission by clicking here

Once you have receive an admission offer from the Queensland university, you can apply for a scholarship by submitting the following document online together with your application form

  • Official academic transcripts
  • Three reference letters
  • Resume/c.v
  • Evidence of profiency in English language (IELTS)
  • Brief personal statement outlining why you choose to have a career in Law

Note that : Late submission is not tolerated and might likely lead to disqualification

After the closing date of the scholarship has elapsed, the scholarship comitee would meet and applicants would be notified of the outcome via writing.

Any scholarship offer is subject to your approval as a student by the department.

While applying, if you encounter any difficulty you can send an email to the mail below for assistance or questioning.

[email protected]

FAQ About The Queensland University Scholarship

Do I have to be an Australian citizen to apply for this scholarship?

No, you don’t have to be a citizen of Australia to apply for the scholarship, the Queensland university law scholarship is made open for everybody to apply once you meet the criteria set.

If I have a degree in courses like criminology, can I still apply for the Queensland university law scholarship?

The scholarship is made specifically for postgraduate students of law, any other degree is unacceptable and the scholarship can only be confitemed when you have gotten an admission offer for an MSc programme in the Queensland Law school.

How Much Does The Queensland law scholarship pay?

The Queensland scholarship only pays half of your tuition fee, ranging from 25 percent to 50 percent there is no other monetary benefits offered by the scholarship.

What Grade Point Average should I have before applying for the Queensland law scholarship?

An Applicant considering the Queensland scholarship must have at lest 4.5 GPA in there LLB degree, the scholarship would likely not accept any thing lower than this.

How competitive is the Queensland law scholarships?

the Queensland scholarship is very competitive as many student seem to be applying for the program and only few are usually selected.

Can you apply for more than one Queensland law scholarship?

No, you can’t apply for note than one Queensland law scholarship in a year, however you can still reapply for the scholarship the next year.

How To Win a Queensland law scholarships?

In order for you to be selected among the beneficiaries, you must meet the eligibility criteria, and provide the required documents.


The Queensland law scholarship is a dream scholarship for scholars that wish to further there law careers in Australia for a discount.

I hope this information prove valuable for you during the application process.

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